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  • Что является Вашей "нишей"?

    My Niché is, most certainly, being able to provide comfort, reassurance and a safe place for my client to enjoy themselves. A space where they are not judged and where they are heard, seen and are the absolute center of attention. Providing 4 star customer service is absolutely, always, my ambition and I take pleasure in accommodating the needs and proclivities of others.

  • Что бы Вы хотели, чтобы все знали о Вас?

    I am, truly, open-minded, genuine, uninhibited and sexually liberated. I am commonly characterized by others as being honest, upfront, no-nonsense and straightforward. I am always empathetic and compassionate as I consider others, and so, I always try to present things/myself/My thoughts, as I see them, in a way and language that the person with whom I am engaged can most understand. I am 100% as advertised! I have eclectic tastes and proclivities and pride myself on overstepping my own boundaries in order to constantly evolve and expand. I have tried and explored almost anything that one might think of with respect to sexuality and I make an effort to enjoy 99% of that as much as I can. The 1% that I am less fond of is often negotiable as I take into consideration the energy of the person presenting a particular proposal.

  • Чем Вы отличаетесь от Ваш знакомых?

    I truly feel that one of my most distinguishing qualities is how vastly open my mind is and how I am able to save anything akin to the judgement of one's character for some time after my first encounter. I like to come to know someone in certain ways and to be able to have made some sort of connection before I pass some type of judgement on who I think they are. That way I'm still connected to them no matter what or how I have decided to perceive them. This is very helpful when I am engaged in my work. I like to come to know the mind of the individual I'm spending time with so that I can reach into my, metaphorical, bag of tricks in order to pull out the thing that they would most like to play with.

  • Что Вы делаете для развлечения?

    For fun I passion for the culinary arts is strong and I'm in a state of relaxation when I am in the kitchen. I feel like an alchemist. I like dancing a great deal and I'm good at it. I'm a musician, writer and performance artist and enjoy spending whatever time I can in the creative process. Sometimes that creative process might involve sitting by a stream and listening to the water as it passes over the pebbles. Other times that creative process might involve having passionate, unbridled sex. I absolutely enjoy spending time with family and friends and enjoy partaking in an enlightening discussion whenever possible.

  • Как часто Вы путешествуете? Вы предпочитаете путешествовать либо Вы больше домосед?

    I enjoy traveling a great deal. More than traveling, I love an opportunity to stay long enough in a new place to come to experience what life is like for its daily inhabitants. I love becoming engaged with and absorbed by whatever environment I happen to find myself. I love looking at things with an anthropological mind's eye. I take pleasure in seeing objectively and learning better as to why people behave the way that we do. Being able to understand life from various perspective comes in handy indeed when engaging with someone for the first time. When I meet someone I meet them as if I am visiting their Town, Country, planet...for the first time. I enjoy coming to know the customs and pleasures and indulging in them.

  • Следуете ли Вы какой-либо диете или фитнес плану?

    I don't think about my fitness regiment actually. I suppose I have one though. I absolutely always opt for walking, as opposed to driving, whenever possible. I have spent the entirety of my adulthood, up to this point, as an urbanite in cities like New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, Chicago and Miami. Exploring places by foot has always been my passion as it offers me a closer look at the people and environment and which I am inhabiting. I average about 4 miles a day because walking has become one of my healthy habits. I'm, also, a professional chef and after a day's work of dancing about in a commercial kitchen I am off to the grocery store where I am always guaranteed to purchase a load of 25 pounds or more to be carried the distance back to my place for dinner. In addition to the aforementioned, I understand that a great deal of my ability to maintain a high metabolism is also due to genetics. Dad and Grandad we're tall sinuous and toned as well ;-).

  • Без каких 5 вещей Вы бы не смогли прожить?

    My kitchen, my writing set (pen & journal), Ice Cream, my freedom of expression, access to music.