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Узнайте характер и предпочтения понравившегося Вам эскорта, а затем свяжитесь ним.

Только дает эскорту либо массажисту опцию предоставления своего личного интервью, чтобы Вы смогли сделать свой выбор следовательно тому, что он говорит о себе. Читайте о его точке зрения, что он думает о своей работе и как он хочет, чтобы Вы себя чувствовали после проведенного вместе времени.

Эти парни - это гораздо больше, чем фото и описания! Только RentMen дает вам шанс узнать ту их сторону, которая может Вам показаться очень интересной! Узнай его поближе до того, как наберешь его номер!

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Дорогие посетители RentMen, Jarrod_Uncut недавно решил ответить на 8 вопросов интервью, которое было в последний раз обновлено .

  • Если бы мы сидели на пляже, пили вино и ели отменную еду, что бы ты мне рассказал о себе и своей жизни?

    I would tell you all about the wonderful places I’ve been to and enjoyed. I would want to also know more about you: what brought you to me, what is your life back home like, how does seeing me relieve your everyday desires?

  • Что бы Вы хотели, чтобы все знали о Вас?

    I can tell some things about myself in the way I would like for clients to introduce themselves to me: Hi, I’m Jarrod. 32, 6’2, 205. I would like to enjoy a session in (City I’m located in).

    One thing clients should know about me: I take your time seriously and would never book an appointment that I could not take on. I ask my clients as well to ensure before contacting, they have sorted out any possible or unexpected events that may come up which could affect keeping the session arranged.

  • Что является Вашей "нишей"?

    I'm for those guys who like, or would possibly like a man of color who is also nicely 'hairy'. I often get it from time to time. But, I tend to fit both desires...guys who like ethnic, and guys who like the unshaven look.

    And as my headline states, I am open to that boyfriend experience, and offering a friendship like session.

  • Как вы мотивируете себя?

    besides driving on the scenic route to a client, I try to accommodate as much as I can. Whether that be through ambient means or through showing a client he can feel relaxation with me.

  • Чем Вы отличаетесь от Ваш знакомых?

    I think we all have different ways of standing out. I appreciate every provider on the site who is out here getting it, and working hard to maintain and build their client base. I think that’s what makes clients want us, we all are going to have something different to bring to the table. It’s not about being better than the other or different from the rest.

    In my case, I try to create what I feel would be a unique environment each time. Intimacy can be “boring” without the right amount of entertainment. I may have porn on, I may have music going, candles burning, and other perks just to keep me and the client entertained, comfortable and relaxed.

  • Как часто Вы путешествуете? Вы предпочитаете путешествовать либо Вы больше домосед?

    I've been doing tours across the country for over 10 years, but I usually stayed home for a few weeks, then traveled for a week or 2. Though I am a "homebody" at heart, I realize I have to travel to expand my fan base. And that I enjoy because I understand people's lives and interest locally change. However, I prefer to keep a steady schedule. At one point when I was starting out, I stayed in the same town for about 7 months. Though I met some cool clients both young and mature, I just wasn't happy with what I was making because I don't take high volumes of clients. I'm not a "how many clients can I fit in today" type masseur. That's why you won't see me offering $100 seasons (no disrespect to any who do that, but as I said...it depends what level of volume one wishes to take). Each client to me deserves their indivdual preparation time beforehand. That's why as I said before, I'm not just a provider....I'm a relaxation expert. This often involves traveling and meting new people.

  • Что Вам больше всего нравится в себе?

    I love it when I'm able to see how turned on a guy is next to me, and knowing they are enjoying something so much they're willing to give for it.

  • Без каких 5 вещей Вы бы не смогли прожить?

    Would this be a life essentials question, or a "stranded in a remote wilderness" questions?

    I could say: love, sex, affection, music and clean underwear.