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Дорогие посетители RentMen, KyeKristian недавно решил ответить на 16 вопросов интервью, которое было в последний раз обновлено .

  • Расскажите нам немного о себе, что бы Вы обязательно хотели, чтоб другие люди знали о Вас?

    I surprise 90% of people that actually meet me and talk to me from either what they thought from pics or profiles or what someone who did not agree with who I was as a person description of me. I am a big personality with lots of characteristics that make me unique and some people do not enjoy that but most would appreciate a bubbly funny guy!

  • Какие у Вас хобби? Что Вам нравится делать в свободное время?

    I have a dog that I love so much. I also like to try new places to eat, and honestly just enjoy my apartment and my space I put a lot into it so I can do so.

  • Как вы мотивируете себя?

    Take responsibility for your faults and instead of making excuses for why just figure out what you need to do now to fix what you did.

  • Что Вы делаете для развлечения?

    If I am answering this question with 100% an honest answer. I like to relax and do things that will help keep me organized and focused during times of chaos and stress. If I am not with clients or devoting my time to my work I will clean run errands for future weeks and frequent shopping trips with friends.

  • Расскажите нам о лучшем событии в Вашей жизни.

    Going to college honestly was amazing, and I wish I could go back and tweak some of the decision I made that effected my future self but as a whole it was great.

  • Что является Вашей "нишей"?

    Grouping myself into a specific clique or social group is not my vibe. Lets chat so you can have your own sense of who I am.

  • Чем Вы отличаетесь от Ваш знакомых?

    My goal is not to be the first one noticed, attention is fun for a moment but gets exhausting. I have been told many times from many people that my low stress, go with the flow vibe is what they were drawn to. I have green eyes and tan skin and unique maxillofacial features that tend to catch peoples eye.

  • Назовите Ваши характерные черты и/или особенности?

    The ability to interact and converse with many different personalities at a drop of a hat. As well as stand up for myself and my beliefs no matter how uncomfortable people may make me feel. Another one I can add is humor, I make people laugh and smile on a daily basis.

  • Как часто Вы путешествуете? Вы предпочитаете путешествовать либо Вы больше домосед?

    Homebody at heart but I can travel 8 months out of the year as long as I have the key components to making me feel comfortable remotely!

  • Следуете ли Вы какой-либо диете или фитнес плану?

    Moderation no restrictions besides the things my body does not agree or like. I have done it all to body building to vegan gluten free and I can say I was not happy limiting myself and having a crazy relationship with food.

  • Что из Вашего образа жизни делает Вас тем, кем Вы являетесь?

    I like to have a schedule and structure. I can let go and be spontaneous but still there needs to be some sort of planning even when you are craving spontaneity.

    I would say the one thing that anyone can tell you about me is that when I am tired its over. Sleeping is something I guess I can do through a war and will start one if you try and wake me up ;)

  • Что бы Вы хотели, чтобы Ваши читатели узнали о Вас? Что-то особенное и возможно даже личное!

    I have an interesting view on relationships. I was not raised with big involvement emotionally and physically with immediate family. So I tend to value friendships and personal relationships very very high.

  • Если бы мы сидели на пляже, пили вино и ели отменную еду, что бы ты мне рассказал о себе и своей жизни?

    I have sand in my mouth

  • Что бы Вы хотели, чтобы все знали о Вас?

    I am not the ethnicity everyone thinks I am (white is the standard assumption)

    I have been to 23 different countries and 45 states!

    Graduated from the University of Washington with a Business Degree in marketing!

  • Что Вам больше всего нравится в себе?

    I am very open minded and down to pretty much try/ do anything. I do not like to not understand why someone enjoys or hates something without doing it myself.

  • Без каких 5 вещей Вы бы не смогли прожить?

    My dog Peeka the one thing I have unconditional love for.

    Skincare routine face and body, it is necessary.

    We live in a world now where technology is 100% needed and I cannot live without my Macbook.

    The ability to pickup and travel across the world.

    Jockstraps ;)