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near travel Milwaukee, WI
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25 Y/O
6'0" - 180 cm
150 lbs - 68 kg
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Слегка волосатый
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03 Sep, 2015
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Эскорт | Mодель | Эротический массаж | гомосексуальный опыт | Стриптиз
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Анал | Волосы на теле | Ступни | Поцелуи | Латекс | Сперма | Соски | Пирсинг | Ролевые игры | Отшлепывание | Садо-мазо | Носки | Щекотка | Борьба | Подмышки | Медведи | Атлеты | Кожа | Мускулатура | Анилингус | Бритье | Курящий | Тату | Словесные оскорбления | WS | Оральный секс | Daddy | Групповой секс | рабство | Игрушки
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Эскорт в Chicago, IL
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Обо мне

Athletic jock, swimmer, student, well-read

"Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes" I suppose one could say I've lived a complicated unusual life which makes for an interesting yet complicated person. A smalltown kid who has moved up to the big city. While I enjoy the outdoors and the privacy that the country provides, I appreciate the adventure and nightlife of Chicago, not to mention the food. I've lived here for several years and don't regret it. Chicago has treated me very well. My hobbies include running, swimming, biking, hiking, boating, reading, philosophy, history, computer science and going out for nice food. I can carry thoughtful conversation. If you're looking for intellectual stimulation as much as physical, then I'm your guy. I've been doing this for a good number of years now and consider myself pretty experienced. I'm comfortable with all body types and ages. Furthermore, I'm pretty open to most interests and like to go with the flow. My own tastes personally vary. I can get real into domination/role play or I can be very intimate and vanilla. I love to kiss. I'm flexible to most things so hit me up!

I have a car and can travel to most cities in the midwest if the amount is worth it. I also fly out to DC regularly, at least once every other month or so. Can also travel to cities near DC like Baltimore or Philly.

Texting is the best way to reach me. Please don't be a time waster when doing so. Being direct helps with us meeting.

I don't agree to anything explicitly illegal. No hard drugs please. Everything you need to know is on my profile.

My pictures are all accurate. If you don't like what you see in person I believe you have every right to turn someone away, though that hasn't ever happened once all the years I've done this. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Дорогие посетители Rent.Men, недавно RyanNorth решил ответить на 10 вопросы интервью, и оно было обновлено на .

  • Что бы Вы хотели, чтобы Ваши читатели узнали о Вас? Что-то особенное и возможно даже личное!

    I know what it's like to be an outsider. At a very young age, I had ridiculous glasses that the neighborhood kids would poke fun at. Growing up, my family moved around a lot. So I knew what it was like to be the new kid multiple times. Then I came out as a teen in an area with no visible LGBT people. I had to be tough but with those experiences I also acquired a great ability for compassion and personal depth. I'm not the kind of *** who lives a shallow one-dimensional life. In essence, I'm not a smug asshole.

  • Какие у Вас хобби? Что Вам нравится делать в свободное время?

    I enjoy walks on Chicago's lakefront. Drinking and chilling with friends at the beach is always some nice me time as well. Occasionally I'll hit the bars and clubs but not as often as I use to. I'm always reading new books that can cover a wide spectrum of topics. I'm also a pretty politically engaged person. Oh and of course, I love eating good food and going to nice restaurants. I have such a strong appreciation for food. If you're a foodie, then I think we'd get along great.

  • Расскажите нам о лучшем событии в Вашей жизни.

    There's a few moments that make it hard to just pick one. The first time I ever made out with a boy in the middle of the night on our small hick town football field was pretty great though. I kissed girls way before then but the first time I ever made out with a GUY that was something so exhilarating. It felt so wrong but so right. I felt so vulnerable but then so free. For that brief time, I escaped all the shame and fear. There I was an athlete but a bookish twink pressing lips with a dirty redneck kid who drove a pick up, wore cammo and who worked the fields. Everything around us said it shouldn't be, but there we were. That night with no one around, under the light of stars, it just happened. It was then with those kisses that I knew an act so wonderful in the human experience couldn't possibly be wrong.

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    На всю ночь
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    Да, несомненно
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