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  • Что бы Вы хотели, чтобы Ваши читатели узнали о Вас? Что-то особенное и возможно даже личное!

    I know what it's like to be an outsider. At a very young age, I had ridiculous glasses that the neighborhood kids would poke fun at. Growing up, my family moved around a lot. So I knew what it was like to be the new kid multiple times. Then I came out as a teen in an area with no visible LGBT people. I had to be tough but with those experiences I also acquired a great ability for compassion and personal depth. I'm not the kind of *** who lives a shallow one-dimensional life. In essence, I'm not a smug asshole.

  • Какие у Вас хобби? Что Вам нравится делать в свободное время?

    I enjoy walks on Chicago's lakefront. Drinking and chilling with friends at the beach is always some nice me time as well. Occasionally I'll hit the bars and clubs but not as often as I use to. I'm always reading new books that can cover a wide spectrum of topics. I'm also a pretty politically engaged person. Oh and of course, I love eating good food and going to nice restaurants. I have such a strong appreciation for food. If you're a foodie, then I think we'd get along great.

  • Расскажите нам о лучшем событии в Вашей жизни.

    There's a few moments that make it hard to just pick one. The first time I ever made out with a boy in the middle of the night on our small hick town football field was pretty great though. I kissed girls way before then but the first time I ever made out with a GUY that was something so exhilarating. It felt so wrong but so right. I felt so vulnerable but then so free. For that brief time, I escaped all the shame and fear. There I was an athlete but a bookish twink pressing lips with a dirty redneck kid who drove a pick up, wore cammo and who worked the fields. Everything around us said it shouldn't be, but there we were. That night with no one around, under the light of stars, it just happened. It was then with those kisses that I knew an act so wonderful in the human experience couldn't possibly be wrong.

  • Что бы Вы хотели, чтобы все знали о Вас?

    I believe in basic fairness. I believe in being respectful when respect is given. I carry that midwestern courtesy wherever I go and genuinely try to be a good person. One could also say I'm very flexible and easily adaptive to a wide variety of settings. In short, I'm usually an easy person to get along with.

  • Что является Вашей "нишей"?

    I know my stuff. I don't like to sound arrogant but I do know how to carry my own in any political or philosophical conversation. I'm also able to do so in a respectful relaxing manner. I read frequently and follow current affairs daily. I read various viewpoints and perspectives that aren't necessarily my own. In fact, I think I could make an argument from any viewpoint that I, myself, don't even carry. I guess you could say one great specialty of mine is my ability to communicate and articulate in a skillful educated manner.

  • Если бы мы сидели на пляже, пили вино и ели отменную еду, что бы ты мне рассказал о себе и своей жизни?

    I would probably go into my life story. The rust belt towns I grew up in. The farming communities I lived in. My experiences of coming out in a small midwestern town. Then how I made it to the city with no money or family connections and then been able to make it work for so long. One of the proudest life accomplishments of mine has been my ability to break free and see the world. I've come a long ways, lived some crazy experiences and gotten to see a wealth of perspectives that wouldn't have been offered to me if I would have remained that midwestern small town kid I once was. Who knows? Maybe I'll put some of my life in writing some day. For now though, I have much more to live and see.

  • Что Вам больше всего нравится в себе?

    My ability to get along with and converse with a wide variety of people. Every new person I engage with, I do so with the mentality that there's at least one thing I could learn from the conversation. I'm always attempting to see new places and new people. I never stop widening my horizons and experiencing new things.

  • Как вы мотивируете себя?

    I always believe there's room for improvement, no matter how well something goes. Along the way, I also strive to change my little corner of the world for the better. We have one short life here. Why not make it count and do something meaningful?

  • Без каких 5 вещей Вы бы не смогли прожить?

    coffee, books, sex, a sense of humor, people who can discuss ideas

  • Как часто Вы путешествуете? Вы предпочитаете путешествовать либо Вы больше домосед?

    Love to travel. So much to see. I want to get out and live it to the fullest. I travel often but not enough.